Marlboro(Phillip Morris) branded E cigs? I think not.  Big Tobaccos is jumping on the electronic cigarette wagon full force but you won’t be seeing Marlboro, Camel or Parliment branded E cigs.  With the negative stigma around Big Tobacco and their brands this is a new opportunity for them to launch new brands.

You would think with brand names like Marlboro or Camel already in hand Big Tobacco would take advantage of this brand recognition to launch a e cig product.  With the future of cigarettes dimming with growing social and health stigma as well as hiking taxes Big Tobacco is gearing up for the future.

There is all kinds of opportunity for them to launch new brands and with them new public images.  Not to mention marketing campaigns, especially since the electronic cigaretter world will allow them to use channels tobacco is banned from like TV spots.

Not only do they have the money and pull on capitol hill to battle coming regulation on e cigs they have experience.  With hundreds of e cig brands already to market, do they stand a chance against Big Tobacco or will they just be bought out or pushed aside.  Even with launching new brands they have the ability to dominate the market and eat up market share. Can smaller e cig companies afford to run major TV and print campaigns, I think not.  It won’t be long before these major players have full control of the industry as the jump in full force.

It takes money to make money and these guys got a lot.

Marlboro E cigs

Are Marlboro brand E cigs in the near future? Big Tobacco says no